Dodge Dart  - The Dodge Dart provides the compact car owner more combined room then the Ford Focus, Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla.  The Dart offers 103.7 inch wheel base and 110.3 cubic feet of interior and truck space.  Plus a turbo charged four cylinder engine that makes the Dart hustle pass all competitors in the compact class. 
Mopar 2013 Dodge Dart  - The Mopar Dart features a "MultiAir turbocharged and inter-cooled 1.4-liter four-cylinder engine, rated at 160 hp at 5,500 rpm and 184 lb-ft of torque, mated to a six-speed manual transmission."  Only 500 available.

Dodge Journey - The Dodge Journey is an award winning mid size crossover. The Journey is a smart, sporty vehicle with certain pleasing aspects
Chrysler 300 The Chrysler 300 is a luxury family car whose sales began in 2004 in the United States of America. The 300 is built as a high performance sedan with gorgeous exterior and interior. 

Jeep Grand CherokeeJeep Cherokee has gone through several modifications to come up with the current highly dynamic model. 

Dodge RamThe 2013 Ram 1500 is one of the most sophisticate styled trucks currently available on the market.  The most famous part of the exterior styling has remained the beautifully meshed grille. However, the truck has not lost its ability to be tough when situations demand it; the chassis has been reworked with high strength steel, which has saved nearly 30 pounds of the overall weight.

Dodge Durango-The new Durango has really been styled to match the current demands of the market. Dodge has allowed for the influx of new ideas to help shape and design the 2014 Durango.

Chrysler Town and Country -
Revealed in 1989 as a 1990 model, Chrysler Town and Country reached the stars in a short time. Its "boxy" looks, powerful engines and comfy cabin ensured its market success.

Chrysler 200
The styling used for the 200 is unique; it possesses modern edges and sleek lines to construct an extremely elegant outline. The 200 comes in two variants, the S and the C. Both trims have aggressive front ends with matte mesh grilles and redesigned front headlights and fog lamps.

Jeep Cherokee Latitude -
The Cherokee Latitude set the trend for the ultimate off-road vehicle that allowed others to follow suit. The Cherokee Latitude was Genesis for the SUV niche.

Jeep Wrangler -
Jeep Wrangler is a niche and affordable off roader which has its genes from the original military jeep used in World War II. Used to transport supplies and heavy equipment, Jeep has not lost its tough image