Chrysler Town and Country

For twenty four years the "people carrier" Chrysler Town and Country has been the car of choice for families or for anyone in need of reliable, comfortable and fast transport. Revealed in 1989 as a 1990 model, Chrysler Town and Country reached the stars in a short time. Its "boxy" looks, powerful engines and comfy cabin ensured its market success.

Chrysler Town and Country is a minivan, designed and constructed to offer the best possible comfort and reliability for large families or as a shuttle vehicle. During the eighties and nineties, it was built on the Chrysler S platform, which meant it shared its core architecture with vehicles such as Plymouth Voyager and Dodge Caravan. Up until this moment, five generations were revealed.


Its way to the top of the minivan automotive segment was paved on the introduction of the cutting edge technologies in the minivan segment. From the second generation, Chrysler Town and Country was available with luxury equipment including such amenities as full leather upholstery, electrically adjustable seats and full on-board entertainment system developed by Chrysler. What's more, the safety features had been developed specifically for this vehicle, so it came fully equipped with anti-lock brakes, ESP system and dual front airbags even before some of its competition. Though the second generation really launched the car to the stars, the newer model was expected to become much better. Introducing a fully reconstructed third generation in 1995, Chrysler succeeded to incorporate modern design, all of the electronic equipment and, for the first time in the minivan segment, large side sliding doors. Also, the interior was developed specifically for the minivan. Every seat was adjustable and the seats behind the driver and codriver could be adjusted in almost every possible way. These advantages made the Town and Country one of the most sought after minivans in the world. Its later generations just continued the trend, but the third generation remained on the market for only five years. New times were coming. The new millennium demanded a new car and Chrysler developed and presented it in 2000 as a 2001 model. As it turns out, this new vehicle was a completely redesigned Chrysler Town and Country from 1995. It continued to use the Chrysler entertainment systems, but it gained modern equipment, nicer looks and uprated engines. Over a seven year period, Chrysler gradually made improvements on the vehicle making it more luxurious and safe. The biggest novelty is the installation of special second and third row seats called Stow'n Go. All the seats could be easily folded making this "people carrier" practical as a commercial Van. Because of this system, the 4WD version had to be terminated. Luckily, both long wheelbase cars and short wheelbase cars remained in offer. All of that changed in 2007 when Chrysler introduced the newest generation. The long wheelbase car remained in offer and it was equipped with a seating system called Swivel'n Go. Basically, the ones sitting at the back could rotate the seats to make them facing each other. This car reached European and other world markets and it even got rebadged in 2011, receiving a new name - Lancia Voyager (only for Europe). Even a diesel engine was available (again, only for Europe). All in all, the Town and Country is probably one of the most important and most popular minivans that ever came out of American minds. Every generation was powered by fairly powerful V6 engines with power ranging from 142 HP to 150 HP for the first generation and from 175 HP to 283 HP for the latest model. Over the years, the car reached almost every important car market and it became the real icon of the minivan world.