The Jeep Cherokee is a unibody compact SUV produced and developed by American Motor's Jeep division. There are several models of the Jeep Cherokee including Jeep Cherokee SJ model (1974-1983), Jeep Cherokee XJ (1984-2001), Jeep Grand Cherokee XJ, WK, WJ and WK2 (1993-present day), Jeep Liberty and Jeep Cherokee KL (from 2014)

The SJ jeep Cherokee series originally developed by Brooks Stevens resembles the Wagoner. It was a reintroduction and redesigning of a single fixed rear side window and a two-door body style. It had the same window configuration and pillar as the wagoner. It was a sporty station wagon with most of its features adjusted for a sporty look. It had a four-door lineup added in 1977. It base models other than the sporty mode included Golden Hawk, classic, Pioneer, Golden Eagle and Laredo. This vehicle did not have cameras or rear view protection. The Jeep Cherokee XJ shared the same body as the SJ except the chassis and internal modifications. It has an innovative appearance of a big car with a truck size capacity. It has hard body toughness and reliability and was even picked in 2011 as one of the top cars than 'refuse to die'. It remains as one of the best all-time SUVs due to its highly inspired paradigmatic model.

In 1993, the Jeep Cherokee XJ was replaced by another jeep model known as the Jeep Grand Cherokee. Its development focused on coming up with a model that would incorporate fast developing technology to overcome the short comings of the XJ. It also replaced the cloth and vinyl seats with fashionable leather seats. It had a 46RH automatic transmission and a slot for FM/AM radio plus a cassette player with green display for auto-tuning. The V8 performance was later improved in 1895from 285 to 300. It also had body modifications to include grille, fore lights and bumpers. Later, drive placement memory and radio controls were included to add luxury to the car.

Jeep Cherokee has gone through several modifications to come up with the current highly dynamic model. The 2014 jeep Cherokee model adds a variety of features to the jeep latitude. It includes 18" highly polished aluminum, wheels configured for all-season maneuverability, leather trimmed seats with the front seats being electronically heated and 7 inch full color display instrument with film transistor technology. It has an Uconnect system with 8.4 inch touchscreen and Bluetooth enabled. It also has a keyless passive enter and go start as well as a remote start. The car has also a backup all-round camera with views showing all areas around the car as well as a special rear view camera and a security rear window. The interior of the car is highly sophisticated blend of high quality materials, hand sculpted fluid shapes, thoughtful state of the art technology, precision craftsmanship and cleaver features. All these features are customized for easy layman's use. The interior design takes hues of the exterior to make the interior livelier. There is enough roam space on the interior with both the front and the rear passengers having larger leg spaces.