Dodge Journey

A crossover is a difficult category to be successful in because of the demands of two different categories (SUV and Wagon) coming together. Practicality along with the characteristic of being performance driven can really confuse the biggest of automakers.

The Dodge Journey is a great car in the mid size crossover category for automobiles. The Journey is a smart, sporty vehicle with certain pleasing aspects. Previously this model was not considered as a serious contender in the SUV/Wagon market, nevertheless; with the new revitalized model, much improvement can be seen.

The Dodge Journey is intelligently priced at $27,390 for the base model, while this value can increase depending on which trim you buy and how many options are added pushing the top range model to $34,305. Another great feature of the Journey is that it is available in both 5-seat and 7-seat options. This feature helps cater to a more personal requirement instead of having to deal with what is available only. The interior of the car has seen a great change since the arrival of the model in 2009.

The engine that powers the Dodge Journey is a DOHC 24-valve V-6 with aluminum block and heads and port fuel injection. Power ratings are 283 horsepower with 260 lb-ft of torque. The larger engine is one of best features of this car. The 0-60mph time is dealt with in 7.1 seconds, which is above average for a car of this class. The engine is mated to a 6-speed automatic gearbox with a manual shifting mode option. This transmission, though an automatic, has a manual shifting mode, which gives the driver some freedom as to which gear to be in it while having fun with V6.

The Journey faces stiff competition from its rivals the Mazda CX-5 and the Ford Edge. The Journey shines next to its competition with its larger engine and its ability to be a perfect people carrier/family vehicle with the 7 passenger option. While understanding that performance is not everything especially in a car designed to carry our loved ones we must understand how the Journey excels in this category. The tough plastic used inside along with properly designed interior trim really allows for an enjoyable longer drive. The interior is pleasing and comfortable for both the driver and the passengers. The ease of everyday use in the Journey becomes evident very quickly.

The Dodge Journey has won several awards and accolades in the United States:

· Winner Strategic Vision's 2012 Total Value Award® for Most Improved Brand


· USAA Midsize SUV Best Value award winner

Stop in today and check out the crossover SUV that Kelly Blue says "Although the 2013 Dodge Journey might look as though it would ride and handle like a tall SUV, the feeling we experienced seemed more in keeping with a well-mannered wagon." -- Kelley Blue Book